Life in the cheap lane.

You know in the past few months I’ve narrowed my “blog reading list” down to less than a handful.  I pared it down to the core peeps,  ya know the ones that really, really matter? They are a good sampling of things across the world, which gives me a good over all perspective of how the world is doing, I feel.  It’s not the usual spin that the newspapers put in or the spin that the television news people put’s what’s happening to the average everyday person.  Of late, I have noticed these things:

The price of food is rising.

The price of energy is rising

The lack of employment is rising.

The lack of health is rising.

The thing is….there is very little people can do about it.  I’ve come to the conclusion that the world is in one of it’s transitional phases…and truly there is nothing to be done because the world now runs on a total financial based structure. Bottom line..there is not enough money coming back to the people for them to spend to keep the economies going.

If any of you have read your Roman history…you will see…we are now starting the beginning of the deline and fall of the Roman Empire.  The parallels are staggering!


Acheron…need I say more????

Yes, it’s here…finally. After waiting for four years for the author to decide to write the story and one year for it to be published…it’s been a very, very, very long haul.

Funny thing is…now that I have it…I’m afraid to start reading it! Stupid,huh? I’ve been waiting for this for sooooo long that I’m afraid of what’s between the covers of it! Muahahahaha….yeah…again…stupid of me. I will read it of course, I’m just working my way up to it.

I’m thinking of starting on my CPH again. I finally found it (it was stashed in a bag)…but that’s not till the weekend…it’s gonna be really hot here till then and I’m not putting wool on my lap!!! I’ll wait till it drops back into the 70’s again. I might frog it and just start over cause I have kinda forgotten where i was on it? Or I could just study the pattern and see where I end up at? I’ll have to see…I don’t think I got that much done on it as it were? I really do need to knit the thing, I could use a new sweater and a sweater hoodie would be really great.

We are finishing up another module in school which means all that freaking out about tests is about to begin again! Yep..I have another pricey test to attempt…gah..this is certainly nerve wracking to say the least. I passed the first one so it goes to figure I should be able to pass this one, right? But, we all know me and I rarely do anything like anyone else does…so we will see. I know I will be studying my ass off for it though.

So,now…I think I’m gonna start Acheron..might as well…I know I’m gonna do might as well just open it up and get started with it. Wow…two highly anticipated releases in less than a week….not sure if my heart can take it…and the cool thing..both are hardbacks…not a paperback in the bunch! LOL!

Okay..I’m so back!

Hmm…wonder if anyone reads this thing?  I’m back…I’m back from my blogging slump..although to be honest..nothing interesting is going on in my life.  My life is rather boring, truthfully.

I now have a den again.  Yep…the second bedroom is a den once again..w00t!  I’m so excited.  This time around…I’m laying it out different, it’s going to be more of a “workroom” than a den. I’m only putting in bookcases, my desk, sewing cabinet, cutting table and tv stand in there this time.  No bed, just a chair or two. I’ve worked it out on paper and it looks very fuctional..I’m kinda of excited about it.

School is progressing well….still plugging along with it, it’s going to be a very, very long haul..but like all things I have been waiting on…it too will come to pass.

Exactly what have I been waiting five years for and it’s finally here as in tomorrow.  Why the one and only Acheron!!!!  Yep, I’ve been waiting for that bad boys story to surface for five years now and the wait is almost over and I swear…I’m literally buzzing from excitement.   Gah..this is killing I’m sooo trying to keep myself occupied with other things to keep my mind off it.

I thought that Breaking Dawn would have helped, which it did for about 24 hours!  Gah…oh well, that was 24 hours I didn’t buzz for Acheron! It was a bit of a relief.  Hurry up Lana and read it so we can chat I’m dying here.

I have a few job interview lined up for next week, hopefully I’ll get one of them as an actual job?  Kind of excited about that….I’ve got stuff to do and need the cash to do it.  You know stuff like groceries and electricity and broadband..stuff like that!

Um, yeah, I need to call like a million people back…I’ve been very slack..but I can only claimed depression had me in it’s greedy little paws for quite a bit and it’s been a hard battle with it.  As for now..I think I’m back…thinks are starting to look brighter even at the darkest point..which I honestly think was last Thursday?

Oh well…on to bigger and better right?

What a absolutely lovely weekend!

Let’s see:

We grilled hot dogs twice

I made a fabulous chicken and pasta salad

I had less than ten huge mugs of coffee the entire weekend (always a plus)

I read nine books

I knitted four more repeats on my scarf that is slowly coming along

I watched twelve episodes of Hogan’s Heroes

I watched four episodes of Stargate Atlantis

I watched one movie, “History of the World Part I”, I fucking love that movie.

I sat back and enjoyed the cool weather

I slept….ALOT!

Yeah, that pretty much sums up my whole holiday weekend.  I don’t think I left the house period, except to go out on the balcony to read or knit.  I have figured out that I can take my notebook out there, sit back, pop in a DVD and knit in comfort out there.  So, I have a “spot”. w00t!

w00t..more thunder storms coming our way.

Sweet!  Kind of exciting…yippee!  I’m loving the thunderstorms, it’s been so damned long since I got to enjoy them.  Talk about nature’s fireworks for the 4th! LOL

I’ve spent the better part of the day tweaking my notebook computer.  I did a full degfrag, a full analyze and a full cleanup.  I added a dual boot to it, so now I can run mac on it!  Sweet…fun times, let me tell you.

P is watching the news and all they are talking about are the fires…apparently, California is literally on fire, Oregon has a few fires starting up. Washington has a few going on too.  Sigh…I’ll just stay over here in PDX.

Other than that..not much going on here.  Just hanging out, not doing much.

Talk about cool

Last night Lana and I chit chatter over  Skype for over an hour or so!  Always a good time, let me tell you.  What did we find so fascinating that we could talk about for that long…paranormal romance and knitting!  Those two subjects alone could keep us going for months on end! LOL

Did the grocery store thing today….ouch.  Oh well, what I spent today will last me for quite a bit, as in for most of the month.  Not too bad, I guess.

I have class tonight and then I’m off totally till next Monday which is the big dreaded day.  Gah…I’m gonna be sick all fucking day on Monday, I just know it.  In the interim, I’m gonna practice on anything I can get my hot little hands on.  Tonight, I’m taking my notebook and “borrowing” a cd till after the test, then I’ll erase it.  You can never know too much, right?

If I can make it till next July, I’ll be home free.  I will be totally finished with school at least for a few years.  The industry I am in is an ever changing beast so my education will continue on till the day I retire/die or get out of it.  Good thing I get off on learning, right?

I’m thinking about “post graduation”  I might take some security classes?  I’m all about protecting and go for it in the security area.  I find it really hilarious because I started out with computers by learning how to get free long distance way back in 1979! Muahahahaha  I feel like a dinosaur….on the brink of extinction.

Oh well, back to studying.

Blessed Goddess, it’s Tuesday

Yeah, baby..only two more days and it’s the fucking weekend!  w00t!  I’ve a nervous wreck as the “actual” exam is next Monday and I’m still convinced I’m an idiot..but hey, my instructor says I’m good to go and she signed off on me taking it?  I think she has blinders on, but what the hell, I’ll take it.

It’s rather cool here today, thank the Goddess. The heat was killing me.  Even though my nose never leaves the fricking house during the day..the nights are still rather warmish when the days are so hot. Me, I’m loving the fact that it’s actually getting darker earlier now.  I live for after the summer solstice! Muahahahahaha

I’m totally digging Skype too.  I’m actually talking with a girl in Ireland at the moment and it’s only costing me 2.95 a month!  Sweet! Not only can I chat with her, but we can conference with a girlfriend in AU and one in Texas at the same time.  Skype bloody well fricking rocks ass, man!

I’ve been crocheting alot lately. Dont know why..just wanting to crochet.  I’m still working on the fugly…I wish I can take it with me to class….sigh…all that lovely time wasted.  Sigh…maybe I can sneak in some knitting on a small project tonight?  I’ll just park my ass off in the corner where I’ll be out of sight? LOL

Feeling the love

I love Plurk!  It’s a time whore, but I love it anyways.  I spend most of my time with the damned thing on and keeping up with everyone.  Sheesh.

Tomorrow is the first test of the 57 I have to take before I can say I’m totally certified.  Yes, you heard me correctly 57 of the bastards.  I’m a masochist, I know.

Today, lunch was burritos from Taco Bell.  Can’t help, love their bean onions, no sauce, thank you.  Dinner?  I have no idea..will cross that bridge when we get home tonight.  I think there is tuna casserole left over from last night?

Laundry is done for the week.  I have a feeling Ms. T might not last the summer in Idaho? I would really like to do some damage to the barking dog that has been barking solidly for the last two fucking hours (and I’m a dog lover). Have decided to wear bunny slippers to class tonight, a statement needs to be made. I need caffeine, might stop at starbucks on the way. I cleaned off my desk, I couldn’t see my monitor clearly anymore. I watched Michele Obama on The View this morning, I see why Barack married her…she’s brillant. I’m totally in love with Whoopie but can’t stand Elizabeth Hasselback (I can’t stand any one of the Hasselback’s that are in public life). Still adore Barbara Walters, though.

You see how my mind works…scarey, huh?  One of these days I should just blog all the stray thoughts that run through my head for the day..that would scare Hades himself. Muahahahaha

Morning all!

Yeah, it’s morning or at least it is in my world! Muahahahaha…I need to actually get up and get dressed and go to school.  I’m doing extra study time as that huge ass exam is still looming over moi.

Sat up till 3am reading/plurking and listening to music I just couldn’t sleep last night for some reason?  It wasn’t hot, in fact, it’s rather cool here today (thank you goddess).  You have to love those La Nina’s!  Don’t understand them, but hey if it keeps it cool…rock on!

Not much going on here, just studying and other work stuff. You know the crap you don’t wanna do but have to do?  I’m thinking that tomorrow I’ll try to get up earlier so I can get some laundry done and take the dog for a walk…he needs the exercise (oh do I!).

As for now, I have to literally get up, get dressed and get moving or I’m never going to get anything done.  I’ll be back online once I get settled in at school.  I should take a picture of my desk while I’m would be amazed at what I have out on it during class!  It’s hilarious…I sort of “move in”.  I wonder if there is a media card reader on the computer at school?  Not sure.I’ll have to check tonight..if not, picture will be uploaded later today.

later peeps!

That just blows

I’ve been attempting to install my plurk widget onto my sidebar…and not having any luck.

I spent the better part of tonight adding virtual machines, playing with viruses on them, creating a partioning virtual hard disks. It was nerve wracking to say the least.

I have discovered plurk which is as addictive as Twitter.  I’m fascinated with seeing what everyone is doing…like in constantly!  It’s horrible…I just can’t stop watching it.  I even had it on at class tonight (as in that is a huge ass no-no!).

Jaegerbombs totally rock, especially after computer woes.  They truly do take the edge off! LOL  Next up is a vodka shot..I’m out of Redbull.

I’m thinking of knitting a bit tonight…provided I can get off Plurk……….yeah, like that is going to happen anytime soon. The only downfall of Plurk is that you can’t do it via text messsage like Twitter.  That’s a huge ass deal with me since I live by text message! Hahahahahaha

Now, I’m off to plurk, twitter and im with a huge chunk of people!

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