Acheron…need I say more????

Yes, it’s here…finally. After waiting for four years for the author to decide to write the story and one year for it to be published…it’s been a very, very, very long haul.

Funny thing is…now that I have it…I’m afraid to start reading it! Stupid,huh? I’ve been waiting for this for sooooo long that I’m afraid of what’s between the covers of it! Muahahahaha….yeah…again…stupid of me. I will read it of course, I’m just working my way up to it.

I’m thinking of starting on my CPH again. I finally found it (it was stashed in a bag)…but that’s not till the weekend…it’s gonna be really hot here till then and I’m not putting wool on my lap!!! I’ll wait till it drops back into the 70’s again. I might frog it and just start over cause I have kinda forgotten where i was on it? Or I could just study the pattern and see where I end up at? I’ll have to see…I don’t think I got that much done on it as it were? I really do need to knit the thing, I could use a new sweater and a sweater hoodie would be really great.

We are finishing up another module in school which means all that freaking out about tests is about to begin again! Yep..I have another pricey test to attempt…gah..this is certainly nerve wracking to say the least. I passed the first one so it goes to figure I should be able to pass this one, right? But, we all know me and I rarely do anything like anyone else does…so we will see. I know I will be studying my ass off for it though.

So,now…I think I’m gonna start Acheron..might as well…I know I’m gonna do might as well just open it up and get started with it. Wow…two highly anticipated releases in less than a week….not sure if my heart can take it…and the cool thing..both are hardbacks…not a paperback in the bunch! LOL!


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