So, the written record begins….

Todays’ bitching and moaning…

P is pissy because I spent most of the afternoon from about 5pm watching Law and Order SUV, then one episode of Law and Order Criminal Intent and now am watching In Plain Sight. He can’t understand how I can just “sit” and watch tv all day. Hmmm…first of all it was from about 5pm or so, and I was knitting while I was watching tv and was online. He was mad because he doesn’t like the show and gets pissy because I do. I offered to go upstairs and watch it but he said no. In fact, I started out watching it upstairs and he came up there. The tv was bothering him, so I moved downstairs and then he moved downstairs. I guess I’m not allowed to watch tv when he is at home?

I did get dinner fixed tonight….it was rather yummy! I have a new rice cooker that makes totally yummy rice with gravy.

Oh well, 383 more days of this crap. Wonder what tomorrows bitch and moan will be? I’m kinda curious to know…now that we are keeping a record of it all.

As for today….nothing much….too hot to go anyplace, too broke to go anywhere. Oh well….tomorrow is yet another day, right? w00t!


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