What a absolutely lovely weekend!

Let’s see:

We grilled hot dogs twice

I made a fabulous chicken and pasta salad

I had less than ten huge mugs of coffee the entire weekend (always a plus)

I read nine books

I knitted four more repeats on my scarf that is slowly coming along

I watched twelve episodes of Hogan’s Heroes

I watched four episodes of Stargate Atlantis

I watched one movie, “History of the World Part I”, I fucking love that movie.

I sat back and enjoyed the cool weather

I slept….ALOT!

Yeah, that pretty much sums up my whole holiday weekend.  I don’t think I left the house period, except to go out on the balcony to read or knit.  I have figured out that I can take my notebook out there, sit back, pop in a DVD and knit in comfort out there.  So, I have a “spot”. w00t!


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