Blessed Goddess, it’s Tuesday

Yeah, baby..only two more days and it’s the fucking weekend!  w00t!  I’ve a nervous wreck as the “actual” exam is next Monday and I’m still convinced I’m an idiot..but hey, my instructor says I’m good to go and she signed off on me taking it?  I think she has blinders on, but what the hell, I’ll take it.

It’s rather cool here today, thank the Goddess. The heat was killing me.  Even though my nose never leaves the fricking house during the day..the nights are still rather warmish when the days are so hot. Me, I’m loving the fact that it’s actually getting darker earlier now.  I live for after the summer solstice! Muahahahahaha

I’m totally digging Skype too.  I’m actually talking with a girl in Ireland at the moment and it’s only costing me 2.95 a month!  Sweet! Not only can I chat with her, but we can conference with a girlfriend in AU and one in Texas at the same time.  Skype bloody well fricking rocks ass, man!

I’ve been crocheting alot lately. Dont know why..just wanting to crochet.  I’m still working on the fugly…I wish I can take it with me to class….sigh…all that lovely time wasted.  Sigh…maybe I can sneak in some knitting on a small project tonight?  I’ll just park my ass off in the corner where I’ll be out of sight? LOL


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