The Gates of Hell opened up yesterday

Oh my fucking goddess….it was fucking hot here yesterday. Let’s see, downstairs it got up to 91 and the upstairs was 91 at 11pm last night.  While my apartment will stay relatively cool most of the day, once it gets really hot about 2 or 3pm, the upstairs turns into an oven!  Gah.  Poor Templar and Ford, they were just laying on the kitchen floor trying to get cool.  I kept dumping ice cubes in their water bowls and gave both of them a shower (ever tried to give a cat a’s an event!).

Today is supposed to be cooler (um, yeah…right).  I think I’m not doing too much today…maybe crochet a bit and my fugly blanket (which I have been working on forever now) and read some and maybe watch some movies while parked in front of a fan.

I do have four pitchers of iced tea made, and have four big bottles of water chilling in the fridge, the ice bucket in the freezer is full and I have a spare bag of ice in our big freezer.  That should do it for the day?  I will not step outside till it’s dark.

Can we all now understand my fascination with the dark, the cold and the rainy?  You can always put more clothes on, but can never take enough off.  Enough said!


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