Feeling the love

I love Plurk!  It’s a time whore, but I love it anyways.  I spend most of my time with the damned thing on and keeping up with everyone.  Sheesh.

Tomorrow is the first test of the 57 I have to take before I can say I’m totally certified.  Yes, you heard me correctly 57 of the bastards.  I’m a masochist, I know.

Today, lunch was burritos from Taco Bell.  Can’t help, love their bean burritos..no onions, no sauce, thank you.  Dinner?  I have no idea..will cross that bridge when we get home tonight.  I think there is tuna casserole left over from last night?

Laundry is done for the week.  I have a feeling Ms. T might not last the summer in Idaho? I would really like to do some damage to the barking dog that has been barking solidly for the last two fucking hours (and I’m a dog lover). Have decided to wear bunny slippers to class tonight, a statement needs to be made. I need caffeine, might stop at starbucks on the way. I cleaned off my desk, I couldn’t see my monitor clearly anymore. I watched Michele Obama on The View this morning, I see why Barack married her…she’s brillant. I’m totally in love with Whoopie but can’t stand Elizabeth Hasselback (I can’t stand any one of the Hasselback’s that are in public life). Still adore Barbara Walters, though.

You see how my mind works…scarey, huh?  One of these days I should just blog all the stray thoughts that run through my head for the day..that would scare Hades himself. Muahahahaha


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