Morning all!

Yeah, it’s morning or at least it is in my world! Muahahahaha…I need to actually get up and get dressed and go to school.  I’m doing extra study time as that huge ass exam is still looming over moi.

Sat up till 3am reading/plurking and listening to music I just couldn’t sleep last night for some reason?  It wasn’t hot, in fact, it’s rather cool here today (thank you goddess).  You have to love those La Nina’s!  Don’t understand them, but hey if it keeps it cool…rock on!

Not much going on here, just studying and other work stuff. You know the crap you don’t wanna do but have to do?  I’m thinking that tomorrow I’ll try to get up earlier so I can get some laundry done and take the dog for a walk…he needs the exercise (oh do I!).

As for now, I have to literally get up, get dressed and get moving or I’m never going to get anything done.  I’ll be back online once I get settled in at school.  I should take a picture of my desk while I’m would be amazed at what I have out on it during class!  It’s hilarious…I sort of “move in”.  I wonder if there is a media card reader on the computer at school?  Not sure.I’ll have to check tonight..if not, picture will be uploaded later today.

later peeps!


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